Blogging ,you guys, may be the hardest thing for me. I write and then delete and then do it again and again. It's honestly worse than me trying to take a selfie...which is also really awkward. So if I sound like a total fool just feel free to skip over to the photos because I'm confident you're going to love those. 



One of the absolute best parts of being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to capture true love between two people. Liz and Adam are the absolute sweetest and I had the best time escaping to the Sandia Mountains with them to these stone cabins that are tucked away in the foothills of the New Mexico desert. One thing I definitely wasn't expecting when I first moved to New Mexico 9 years ago was how amazing the sunsets are here. I thought I had seen a killer sunset before I got here but yep...I was so wrong.

Also can we talk about the details on this insanely gorgeous dress is? Between the choice of form fitted dress or a loose and flowy skirt, I will choose flowing every. single. time. There is just something about the movement that it provides. Which is your favorite? What did you wear to your wedding or what are you planning to wear? I got married before Pinterest was a thing if you can believe it and there's so much I would change about my wedding details. Especially my dress! I'll have to do a blog post of my wedding day here soon!

Have you been to the Pacific Northwest before? No? Okay go buy those plane tickets right now. I'll wait. If I didn't love the constant sunshine that New Mexico offers, I would have moved to Oregon already. Beach and forest within 100 feet of each other? Sold. Cape Lookout is one of my favorite beaches off the coast. Everyone knows and loves Cannon Beach but I definitely recommend exploring the coast some. I had so much fun with C+T as they were getting excited for their upcoming wedding.

We actually are heading back to Oregon and Washington this June so send over all your recommendations of hikes, views, food, etc. I need them all!

My husband and I agree on a lot of trigger topics. Politics? We're pretty much on the same page. Raising our kids? Actually going pretty well so far. Places to live and visit? It starts getting a little tricky there. He loves the cold. I feel like I paid my cold weather dues after 4 years undergrad in Idaho and 2 years in Utah. He loves the outdoors. I do too but I also love shopping, and eating, and shopping. So when it comes to Arizona, I am always up for a visit and he tries to avoid it as much as possible. I'm actually heading with all four kids to visit my mom in Mesa next week and were leaving him behind to work. The weather is supposed to be in the 70s and I'm so stoked. Arizona is one of my favorite places to photograph. There's such a huge variety of looks and one of my favorite spots is along the Salt River. Coon Bluff has the perfect mix of saguaro cactus, trees, rocks and water! This elopement was everything my heart could have asked for. What's your favorite thing to do in Arizona? Have you been? Do you live there? Send me all your favorite Arizona things in the comments below!