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Blogging ,you guys, may be the hardest thing for me. I write and then delete and then do it again and again. It's honestly worse than me trying to take a selfie...which is also really awkward. So if I sound like a total fool just feel free to skip over to the photos because I'm confident you're going to love those. 



There is one thing that all of your married friends will tell you about their wedding day.

That it sped by SO fast.

Often I'm provided wedding day timelines that are so full that it's a real struggle to get everything in that we need to. Want to know that first thing to go when the timeline is running behind?

Pictures of just the bride and groom together.

They decide they haven't really been able to spend anytime with their guests, they want to enjoy cocktail hour and socialize and drink. Then later on, they are sad that they don't have many pictures together.

This is where a separate bridal session comes in and saves the day!

5 reasons to have a separate bridal session

1. It opens up your wedding day timeline (explained above)

2. It allows your hair and makeup to be fresh for pictures

3. It allows you to have a variety of locations photographed. Make it an adventure session somewhere epic that you couldn't invite 150 people to.

4. It gives you a reason to get in that beautiful dress that you spent thousands of dollars on and thought you wouldn't have an excuse to wear again.

5. It allows you to have pictures with just the two of you around without wedding guests watching you and making you feel even more awkward than you already do getting your picture taken.

Which reason is the most valuable to you?

These Dallas based cuties both grew up vacationing in the cutest ski town nestled in the forests of New Mexico. The weather was perfection for their engagement shoot at Ski Valley Taos. They came ready to represent their Texas roots with their Stetson hats, cowboy boots and amazing style. The beautiful wildflowers were all over which was such a fun surprise.

Rachel and Brek decided to ring in the new year with family and friends at The Hyatt Regency Tamaya this last New Years Eve. Rachel and Brek have known eachother since high school but reconnected years later and the rest is history. Their day was so full of joy and celebration. It was honestly one of the most relaxing weddings I've ever been to. There were zero mishaps, everything went according to plan and you could just feel the happiness in the air. This was my first time agreeing to take on a wedding on New Years Eve but I had the best time. Rachel had her hair and makeup done by no other than the incredible Genica Lee and looked so gorgeous.

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