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Two Simple Tips for Stress Free Wedding Planning:

Newly engaged? Congratulations! I feel like this is a time of excitement and celebration, but suddenly the panic of wedding planning hits you, and all the stress that comes with it! Friends and family are asking you all of these questions about your wedding day details and it feels like you've been engaged for about five seconds. I’ve been there, and I want to eliminate the same suffering for future brides. After over 10 years as a wedding photographer, I have a few tips that I recommend to all of my brides:

wedding in La Fonda in Santa Fe New Mexico
First Look at La Fonda in Santa Fe, NM

First and Forever Foremost : Trust your wedding photographer and hire a wedding planner.

I promise you will not regret the decision! It feels like a huge cost, trust me I know. Often I hear couples say "We just can't afford a planner." Planners usually offer way more options for planning your wedding. I would at the very least ask about a month of planning service. However, where wedding planners really shine (other than on the actual wedding day) is helping connect you with vendors that match your needs, vision and most importantly, your price point. When you hire a professional to handle all the hair pulling details, it will save you money, and probably your sanity in the long run. Save you money, really? I honestly believe this is true. Planners help keep you focused during wedding planning. They save you from changing your mind and being pulled in twenty different directions. They save you from thinking you can just DIY your wedding and then regretting it about a million times in the process.

Ski Valley Taos Wedding Photography
Bridal Party Celebration | Ski Valley, Taos

Tip #2: Download my free wedding planning guide.

I wanted to take the guesswork out of wedding planning, so I created a free guide to help my lovely couples. This way you get to relax a little more and enjoy what should be such an exciting time in your life!

What are you struggling most with the wedding planning process?

You can download my free beginning planning guide below!

Download PDF • 149KB

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