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Diamond Rings and Wildflowers | Engagement Photography | Scottsdale, AZ | Hey Ashley Shaw Photograph

Have any of you been to the Salt River in Arizona before? There is this winding single lane highway that takes you through a gorgeous mix of saguaro cactus and lakes and the Salt River and if you're lucky, some beautiful wildflowers.

We got so lucky for Patrick and Alyssa's engagement session and the wildflowers were dressed to empress.

The absolute joy and chemistry these two have warmed my heart. I had the best time with them and our session went too fast. It was love at first site for these two and they are going to be getting married in Utah Valley, Utah on their one year anniversary.

One of my favorite parts of an engagement session is having it as a trial run for your wedding day. You are able to get more comfortable in front of the camera, more comfortable with your photographer and see what sort of poses and posing prompts work and don't work for you.

Since I mostly specialize in destination weddings, sometimes my couples assume that we won't be able to meet for their engagement photoshoot but I make it to you!

Hope you enjoy these captures of Alyssa and Patrick. Drop a comment below and let me know which one was your favorite!

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