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Time for wedding dress shopping! Bring the whole crew or a select few? | Santa Fe Wedding Photographer

It’s dress shopping day, and you’ve brought all your people, bridesmaids, parents, in-laws,

and even a few aunts! It’s basically a big party until the opinions roll in.

At this point you’ve found 10 dresses that you love, but no one else can agree on anything. Do you keep trying on until there is a consensus or do you stay firm because, when you know, you know!

If you are the second bride a big group might be the right fit for you and can still be an enjoyable experience, even if no one else agrees with your decision. If you’re the first bride, maybe your dress buying experience should be a little more intimate.

You need to do what’s best for you! This is your big day, and you deserve to feel beautiful in your dress and confident about your choice.

Was your dress decision swayed by family and friends? Let me know in the comments!

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