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5 Reasons for a First Look on your Wedding Day

If you're in the middle of the wedding planning process, you're probably trying to decide whether or not to do a first look. As a wedding photographer for the past 10 years, I've photographed dozens of weddings a year and have seen what works and what doesn't.

Here are my 5 top reasons that you need to have a first look on your wedding day.

  1. First looks provide an intimate and emotional moment for the couple before the ceremony starts. Many of my couples prefer this to seeing each other for the first time that day while all the wedding guests eyes are on you.

  2. They help to calm nerves and alleviate some of the pressure before the ceremony. There is just something about being able to go into the majority of your wedding day being together. Dealing with the opinions and stresses that unfortunately come with weddings can be so much better with your soon to be husband or wife at your side.

  3. A first look can be used as an opportunity for a more relaxed and intimate photo session with the couple. One of the saddest things for me as a photographer, is when the wedding timeline is so packed that there is barely any time for photos of the couple. First looks help to make sure that you receive more photos of just the two of you.

  4. First looks provide a private moment for the couple to exchange personal vows or letters. This is such a sweet time to share messages with each other that you don't necessarily want to read or share with all of your wedding guests.

  5. A first look can help to schedule the wedding day, allowing for more time for things like family or bridal party photos. This way, after the ceremony is over, you get to mingle with your guests instead of leaving them for photos.

Wedding Venue: Bishops Lodge

Makeup Artist: Betty Rose

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