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Stone Cabin Elopement | New Mexico Wedding Photographer

One of the absolute best parts of being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to capture true love between two people. Liz and Adam are the absolute sweetest and I had the best time escaping to the Sandia Mountains with them to these stone cabins that are tucked away in the foothills of the New Mexico desert. One thing I definitely wasn't expecting when I first moved to New Mexico 9 years ago was how amazing the sunsets are here. I thought I had seen a killer sunset before I got here but yep...I was so wrong.

Also can we talk about the details on this insanely gorgeous dress is? Between the choice of form fitted dress or a loose and flowy skirt, I will choose flowing every. single. time. There is just something about the movement that it provides. Which is your favorite? What did you wear to your wedding or what are you planning to wear? I got married before Pinterest was a thing if you can believe it and there's so much I would change about my wedding details. Especially my dress! I'll have to do a blog post of my wedding day here soon!

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