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Planning on proposing? Read this first.

Are you planning a proposal? Congratulations! What an exciting time. As a wedding photographer for over the last decade, I've seen and heard about my fair share of proposals and I've gathered a few tips for you as you are planning to propose.

#1 Make sure to document the proposal. Whether you have a friend hiding with an iphone, or a professional wedding photographer or videographer, please make sure you find someone who's job is to document the proposal. This will be a time that you both will treasure forever and want to look back on it.

#2 Rethink making it public. I get it, proposing in front of a big crowd of people definitely can up the wow scale of a proposal but I would usually recommend keeping your wedding proposal at a less crowded location. This can not only take some of the pressure off you, but also tends to make your future fiancé less nervous also. You're worrying less about what everyone is thinking or being in the way or having that obnoxious group of people that are hurling insults at you.

#3 Keep it sincere. Don't worry about saying the perfect words. This is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. They already know you. If your love language to each other is playful banter, incorporate that into your wedding proposal.

#4 It's okay if they know that it's coming. A wedding proposal doesn't have to be some big surprise for it to be romantic. For a control freak like me, I had a hand in picking out my ring and had a basic idea of when the proposal was coming.

#5 Try to bring some nostalgia into your proposal. Whether it's a location that holds a special memory Or an activity you love to do together, incorporating your past into this beginning of your forever future goes a long way.

What tips would you add for planning a wedding proposal? Drop them in the comments below!

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