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Free Shot List Written By a Wedding Photographer | Editorial Wedding Photographer | Hey Ashley Shaw

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We've heard the phrase it's all in the details, right? Well one of the best ways to not be stressed on your wedding day is to be prepared. You trust your vendors. You've expressed what pictures you want to make sure you get on your wedding day, you're good to go. Wait, what? You don't have a shot list for your photographer? No worries! Most seasoned wedding photographers are going to get you a great gallery but I'm all about being over prepared so just in case, make sure to get your wedding photographer (hopefully me **wink wink**) a shot list. I decided to share a free sample shot list with you below!

The shot list is great because it not only gives peace of mind to you, but also to your photographer. There's always something that doesn't go according to plan on a wedding day and *gasp* your photographer might be a little frazzled and forget a photo that you really regret not having. It's an honest mistake but one that could be avoided. Thus....shot list! Have I sold it yet? What? Need more convincing?

There are times when the schedule is running behind and you might think "whatever I'm fine without the shot. Let's skip it."This is the time for your wedding photographer to say "are you sure? this was on your shot list and we can make it happen!" When the day of comes, sometimes it's tempting in the whirlwind of the day to just get caught up in getting through it. As your wedding photographer, we're here to make sure you have all the shots you want after the wedding day haze has lifted!

Now you probably are thinking "I don't want to scare my photographer away seeming like a total bridezilla! But guess what? Your day. Let's not take any chances. In my opinion, if your wedding photographer is turned off by you being prepared, then maybe they aren't the wedding photographer you need. Too blunt? Oh well. This day is for you, not for them.

So instead of me dragging this blog post on forever when you just want the shot list, Let's get this to you! I'd love to hear what you think I'm missing, or items you think I didn't need in there. I hope that this is helpful while you are planning your wedding day and helps ensure that your wedding photographer and you are on the same page!

One last thing ! You'll notice that I don't have any romantic photo poses to the shot list. This was on purpose. Posing the two of you should be up to your photographer. They should be reading your vibe and posing you and your significant other accordingly. I'd recommend not sending more than one or two couples posing ideas to your photographer. They'll have you covered!


Download PDF • 118KB

P.S. All these photos are from a wedding I got to photograph for Alicia Lucia Photography. Check out her blog of this wedding here

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