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Betty Rose Turns Seven | branding photography

One amazing opportunity that has come from the COVID-19 wedding reschedules has been me realizing how much I LOVE taking branding photos for other business owners. Alanna is the owner of Betty Rose By Alanna that offers amazing hair and makeup services. No matter where you are getting married, make sure to take her with you because she's the absolute sweetest and her entire team is as well. You can check her out at and you won't regret it. Branding photos are so important for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of the times we think of the word "headshot" and think of some super boring, impersonal, out of date images. That's what I think of at least before I started taking them. I kept thinking of a bunch of fake smiles and collared shirts but that is NOT what branding photos have to be. You are allowed to have a personality in your headshots and I think more times than not, a headshot or branding photo that captures your essence is going to ultimately land you your dream clients because they get to see a small piece of you! Have you ever thought about getting branding photos done? What's holding you back? Drop a comment down below so I can figure out if anyone ever actually reads this blog or if I can really start putting some juicy stuff in here because it's acting as more of a personal diary than a public blog.

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