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Choosing the Perfect Timeline For Your Wedding

Some might say that the most important decision to make is where you're going to get married, who your vendors are, etc. and those are all super important decisions but there is one decision that trumps it all.

Yep! You're thinking I'm crazy huh? don't give up on me yet. Stay with me here a little bit longer why I explain why.

All those other things that I mentioned most people would think are the most's because they are SO SUPER IMPORTANT but without a correct timeline, those elements won't be showcased in their best way.

So since I LOVE a well written timeline, I've gone ahead and written you up a sample one.

Now since sunsets vary wherever you might live, this timeline is written all based on how many hours before sunset or after sunset. Just plug in your sunset time, do some simple math and voila!

You can download the free wedding sample timeline here below:
Download PDF • 117KB

This sample timeline includes a first look. If you or your clients choose not to do a first look, I would bring the ceremony an hour earlier and do family pictures and wedding party pictures after the ceremony.

This timeline is created with the opportunity to get the best possible light and time to fully photograph the elements of a wedding that are usually the most memorable for the client.

I would love to hear your feedback about the timeline and see if you found it helpful!


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